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Backyard Fury is a 1 v 1 turn-based game designed for people of all ages. You play as one of two (rather colourful) kids and the objective is to knock down the other player's base.

By any means (and with whatever you have available), one thing's for sure: your parents aren't going to be very happy about the mess you've made.


  • Light strategy as you build and defend the cardboard fort of your dreams.
  • Full controller and keyboard and mouse support, allowing you to easily play with one, two controllers or a mixture of both inputs.
  • The ability to finally throw household items at each other. If you can pick it up, you can fire it!
  • Two different game modes with some light randomised elements over different matches.
  • A great social game for friends or family and an easy way to relax and have fun. (Local multiplayer, but you can also play just by yourself!)
  • Voice acting for both kids, as well as some surprises...
  • An epic battle between worlds as science fiction and fantasy meet head-to-head.
  • Relaxing soundtrack with humorous sound effects.
  • A delightful, tongue-in-cheek tone with a vibrant and colorful art style.

Backyard Fury is our first game and we hope you enjoy playing it. Please feel free to share it around and post videos! We'd love to hear your thoughts and let us know if there are any bugs or issues you run into.

Install instructions

Download the .zip folder and extract to a location of your choice. Open the folder, double click on the executable and you're good to go. Enjoy and have fun!


Backyard Fury.zip 40 MB


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